Carrot  Dream  Tea
Carrot  Dream  Tea
Carrot  Dream  Tea
Carrot  Dream  Tea
Carrot  Dream  Tea
Carrot  Dream  Tea
Carrot  Dream  Tea

Carrot Dream Tea

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Carrot Wellness Tea: 4 oz bag (70 servings) of special-roast carrot chips


Treat yourself to our excellent variety of pure and wholesome carrot-based teas that are perfect for any occasion. Carefully prepared and roasted, our teas let you experience a small portion of the Eastern European flavor palette.

Whether you are a newbie to the tea world or an avid tea expert, our shop is your next stop!

Carrot is our key ingredient, which is simple in its profile and is caffeine-free. This particular tea contains just carrot chips, which makes for an earthly taste and is accompanied by a fresh, light smell.



  Bulk 4 Oz (113 g) ~ 70 servings

  Bulk 8 Oz (226 g) ~ 140 servings

  Bulk 1 lb (450 g) ~ 280 servings 

  Based on 8 oz cup




With the order, you also receive 5 disposable tea bags as well as a wooden spoon!


 roasted caffeine-free carrot chips.

Steeping Instructions

Scald a teapot or a cup with boiling water prior to putting the tea in. Pour the water out and put 1 tsp of tea into the teapot per 8 oz. of boiling water. Cover up and steep for 8-10 minutes. Enjoy! 

(If a teapot is not available, you can use one of the teabags provided instead; use the same tea to water ratio)

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1 Spoon of Tea           212° F                8-10 min.          
*This statement has not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration.