The Unique Benefits of Carrot Tea

Tea is one of those drinks that offers a host of benefits, is delicious, and is actually good for as well. Unlike other pleasures in life, those guilty pleasures that you enjoy while knowing that you’re not doing your body any favors, tea offers genuine pleasure paired with a myriad of health benefits. Each tea gives its own benefit to your mental and physical well-being. Green tea has weight and metabolism benefits, black tea can sharpen your focus and knock away the cobwebs in your brain after a bad night’s sleep. Carrot tea is a newer addition to the tea market, and it has its own benefits to offer.

Health Benefits of Carrots

Carrot tea, first and foremost, provides you with the healthy nourishment of carrots. The beauty of this tea is that you know exactly what you’re getting, and all of the ingredients are great for you. Here are just a few of the health benefits of carrots that you’ll receive from your tea.

Speed Up Your Metabolism

Carrots have been found to offer a sense of fullness, this combined with the low sugar and calorie level makes carrots and carrot tea an excellent substitute for juices, sodas, or other sugary, highly processed drinks. Interestingly enough, carrots also increase the secretion of bile, thereby increasing your metabolism. Bile, although mostly known for its gross side, actually breaks down fat. Research shows that an increased intake of carrot drinks could increase weight loss. 

Improve Your Vision

It isn’t just an old wives tale that carrots are good for your eyes. The high levels of beta-carotene, a form of vitamin A and an incredibly powerful antioxidant, are what makes carrots so good for your vision. Vitamin A forms a protection for the surface of your eye, and the antioxidants help shield your eyes from the damaging effects of light. 

Clear Skin

Carrots have been found to not only aid in clear, youthful skin, but also in treating trickier skin problems, like psoriasis or rashes. The vitamin C found in this vegetable boasts healing properties, which aid in the recovery of skin issues. The beta-carotene is an anti-inflammatory, which further speeds recovery and gives skin that bright glow. 

Boosted Immune System

The vitamin C in carrots doesn’t just help keep your skin clear and fresh. It also boosts your immune system, defending your body against free radicals, cell damage, and inflammation. A little extra carrot in your diet can make a big difference in getting through the misery of cold and flu season. 

Lower Your Cholesterol, Decrease Your Cancer Risk

Two of America’s biggest health risks are heart disease and high cholesterol. The impact that a healthy, well-rounded diet and a healthy routine have on your body cannot be understated. The potassium in carrots help to keep your body at a healthy level of cholesterol. A healthy cholesterol reduces your risk of a stroke or a heart attack. The antioxidants protect your cells from damage, and studies have found that there may be a connection between eating carrots and a lower risk of both leukemia and prostate cancer

Benefits of Carrot Tea

Along with the health benefits provided by the carrot ingredient, carrot tea has its own unique boost for both your mental and physical health. Curling up with a hot mug of carrot tea creates a peaceful serenity, the steam and heat clearing your sinuses, aiding in digestion, and calming your central nervous system. Carrot tea can be enjoyed throughout the day 

Ready to Give Carrot Tea a Try?

At Tea Dream Tea, we have a variety of options of carrot tea, there’s a type for everyone. Whether you are looking for an option with caffeine or without, with a zesty kick, or with a bright splash of lemon, or a classic green tea variety, we have you covered! Enjoy our high quality tea, and feel your body reap the rich rewards. 


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